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I Care Too Much!

Caring can get exhausting. I can see why so many people choose not to care.  After all once you start caring the amount of things you need to care about, the sheer number of causes, injustices, and personal tales of grief, increases from that very first thing that pulled at your heart strings to become an avalanche of cares to bury you over your shoulders.

It’s worse with the internet.  Before they had to call you or send a letter to your home.  You had to either actively seek out, or know about, or have a real live person, activate your caring mechanism.  Now it comes at you from all directions: twitter, Facebook, email, Google’s attention to your every little click so that it can feed you more content you might like.  You could literally spend all day supporting causes, sharing links, ‘liking’ content, signing petitions, and emailing all your friends so they can share in the collective guilt and resolution.

Or you could go picket your local bank or civic center, or even Wall Street.

All of which is time-consuming and distracting from other things in life like: work, play, paying bills, and writing your great American novel.

So what do you do?  I assume the best method would not to be ‘sweeping it under the rug’ because I have no need to remind anyone, least of all myself, that the world is going to hell in a hand cart faster than I can say “Jiminy Cricket”, but perhaps to pick and choose?  Ah, but therein lies the rub?  How do you find the one or two defining issues?  How will you choose between saving the polar bears or the American mustang, or greenhouse emissions, or fighting the banks and corporate greed, or campaigning for your favorite political cause, or organic food, or gun control, or genetically modified organisms, or… or… or… you can fill in any of your favorite causes here, even if they differ from mine!  The result is the same.  We are overwhelmed.  How do we take action, make a difference, and yet, still have a life, creative or otherwise, at the end of the day?

Tell me, how do you choose?

2011 – the New 1984

It’s a new world out there.  Last week I opened my Amazon account to find out that as a Prime Member (I like the free shipping) I could borrow books for free, up to one a month. That’s a nice little perk.  A few months back it was movies that I could watch for free.  This morning visits her local library web site to find that libraries have hooked up with Amazon and you can now borrow eBooks online.  I feel like I’m being seduced by Big Business.  It’s hard to resist when they offer me up literary and entertainment bonbons like that.  I know they are sucking up the little guys, and yet they make it so easy to use, so easy to accept… and how delicious the toxin is going down!  It’s rather like a Twinkie, only at least, by reading I’m getting some nutrients with my poisons.

People are taking to the streets to protest the Corporations, and I’m behind them 100% and yet… can we have a world without Big Business?  Can it seriously function if everything is small and compartmentalized?  Just think of the scale of economics.  I guess I don’t mind Big Business providing me Kindles and iPhones as long as the big boys aren’t calling all the shots, holding all the cards, and whatever other cliché I can throw at you to describe their greedy corporate antics that are… well self-destructive and short-sighted.  These new captains of industry are robber barons, but they’re robbing from their own coffers.  Who will buy their crap if they destroy the very middle class that supports all this investment, manufacturing, and innovation?  Do they really think they can just switch to the other rising economies and keep on raking it in?  With global warming, over-population, and wars and revolutions every where, it ain’t going to happen like they envision it.

Like the ancient Anasazi in the American Southwest we will all collapse from a dearth of resources, like water, to go around, and this time on a global scale.  The center might move temporarily to China and India but they’re rising fast on a faulty model, and they are already showing signs of strain. The fat cats that rule Washington now, they may die rich, but they will not leave anything to the next generation, and I’m only talking about the old ones.  The young robber barons will see it all go to shit in their own life times.  So it’s time to get money, corporations, and Wall St. out of our political process: