About Dan

Peacemaker by Dan RiceIn my life, online and off, I wear many hats, have many faces.  Coming to live in the etheric realms of the internet some twelve or thirteen years ago opened up my creativity into places I never expected to travel.  From being a visual artist I also became a wordsmith so I could paint my experiences, my thoughts, my ideas, in instant messages and forums.  As the internets endless possibilities expand so do mine: now I blog, tweet, and do the social networking thang.

I am cofounder and creator of the writing and role play community site Pan Historia where people like me can unleash their writing genies from boxes, bottles, and keyboards.  At Pan I write as a number of personas from historical to fantastical to horrifying.  Some of my characters include both an historical version of Wyatt Earp to a steam punk version, to evil doctors, or paranormal investigators. I write collaborative novels with my co-conspirators such as an action/scifi spy novel that takes place in London of the Swinging Sixties; a dark novel of supernatural horror set in New York, present day and in the Roaring Twenties; or create a rich tapestry of historical fiction set in Ancient Egypt in the days after the death of Akhenaten.

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