Slice of Life

Wyatt’s Day:

  1. Coffee.
  2. Catch up on email, Pan message boards, staff work groups, exchange morning pleasantries with friends online at Pan and Twitter.
  3. Write blog post.
  4. More coffee.
  5. Kiss lady goodbye as she heads off to work.
  6. Post fiction to fiction blog.
  7. Find out why toilet keeps running.
  8. Make some breakfast (eggs and breakfast links)
  9. Write fiction for collaborative role-play novels: Turnskin (werewolves), FLESH (zombies).
  10. Make a chili con carne for the slow cooker.
  11. Root some plant cuttings.
  12. Contribute to reference and zone discussions at Pan like Fleur-de-lis on my most recent gardening adventures, or the Zone : Westerns on some western fun.
  13. Call the mechanic about making an appointment to have the car done.
  14. Laundry.
  15. Put together some shelves bought at Staples so the last of the books from the move can be put away.
  16. Deactivate CS3 on my old computer so it can be activated on the new one.
  17. Clean the apartment.
  18. Pick up best mate from the airport for week long visit.
  19. Eat chili con carne.
  20. Pass out.

I might just jump ahead to the ‘pass out’ part right now just from reading this list. And this doesn’t even include a million and one other little jobs for Pan Historia or my Bardic Web client that needs to be done. I went off to make my second pot of coffee and kiss my lady goodbye between writing the last line and this one and had to add line 7 to the list. Variables could throw a spanner in the whole awesome plan. I might need to be prepared to throw any number of items off the list – but the one thing that is NOT going to be eliminated is writing the fiction.

It’s been a whole week since I have found the time to write fiction. Regardless of life’s fusillade of distractions I will practice what I preach.


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